Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why the Miz?

WWEGIRL and I have been asked
"but why the Miz? Why have you picked the Miz to be your new pet?"

Well Spudgun, you need to ask WWEGIRL that. I have no clue what makes her mind tick.
For me it's placement issues. He looks like a spiting image of my biggest mistake of a relationship with the Trainwreck. And since that piece of dren (my ex) seems to have fallen off the face of the earth around here, and does not do internet stuff, I will never get to tell him off for the way he hurt me.
But the Miz does google himself and he's a celebrity, he's a free for all. I can pick on him.

But isn't that kind of bad? Picking on him just cause he looks like your looser shithead exboyfriend?

Spudgun, you are starting to sound like you feel sorry for the Miz or something? You're not suppose to get all logical on me. No no no. He chose to be a celebrity which means he's chosen to have people not like him at times and publicly write why. I mean, really now, this is just another round of free publicity for the Miz. I mean, his name just got mentioned 5 times in this post -not including the title- so how is that a bad thing?

Okay, I get you want some revenge on your ex shithead, but isn't there another way to do it that does not include picking on a wrestling superstar?

Well yes Spudgun, I would love to get revenge on Trainwreck by taking a large bundle of barbed wire, tying one end to a tree the other to his d**k then firing up the chainsaw and slowly inch by bloody inch slicing it off him.

I mean a less jail worthy way to get revenge on shithead?

Yes, well I would settle for a perfectly happily ever after with a man who is fifty times better looking then the Trainwreck, who's actually able to read, and can halfway hold a conversation. I could settle for that sort of revenge, I mean it wouldn't be as much fun or as satisfying but you are right it would be safer and less messy.

It's been 5 years. It's time to forget Trainwreck.

Yes it has, and it is.

Besides, you're scaring the X-Division guys. The ex drama has played out and you need to move on from it. You're alittle too intense.

Right okay whatever. Oh and yeah go here.....Another Freak in the Freakdom I have a few crazy posts on there too about wrestling.

You realize it's a dangerous thing, posting about the Miz. Dangerous for you I mean, as this is how the whole Chris Sabin thing started and look at how that blew into the mess it is.... careful you might like the Miz

Shut up Spudgun, that's not possible. Not allowed.


wwegirl said...

why the Miz easy answer he could be a great wonderful asset to WWE if he could get his ego in check. The other reason to see if I can get their attention I'm far from going to go after Triple H, probably cause we're from the same neck of the woods. In my opinion it was easier to call out the Miz as the Miz isn't a top gun yet, he's still working his way up. And he's easy to pick on. Is it to make the Miz feel like crap, no not in the slightest just to see if he will respond.

ardeth blood said...

Then you had to show me the "human side of the Miz" didn't you?
Kind of takes away from the "but he's a celebrity" part.

wwegirl said...

well I got to look at any way to get him to reply. That's the whole problem with posting things is not knowing if they reading. I wanted to make sure it gets his attention. But that will probably be the extent of it. As blog wise I doubt I'll get a response. If I were I think it would be through watching tv.


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