Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Junk Food for your Mind

Steamy, trashy, pulpbacks, call them what you like, romance novels have the biggest selling market around.

I own a good two boxes worth myself, and I happen to know the other women in my family have shelves filled with the trashy things.

My mom has a thing for cowboys and cops, my aunt likes the more Christian slanted ones, my cousin is a fan of the divorced dad books.

My favourites lean towards the bad boy who's got a heart of gold stories. Classic romance.

Yeah, I like my heroes to be the serious silent type who can say more with how he looks at the toe of his shoe with a raised eyebrow as he studies the scuff mark on it then he can with real words. *deep sigh*

And the point to all this?

Gee Spudgun, why you always gotta bring me out of the moment.
These types of books as cheesy as they are; are the most difficult to write. Everyone who reads has read them at some point in their life. Like them or hate them, you've done them. Like potato chips, they are empty calories that leave you still hungry and covered in grease.
And it's I think time to delve into the world of trashy pulpbacks.

So expect some trash to be served up soon.

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