Sunday, November 29, 2009

You need a Heel in this business

Why is it that people feel the need to make vampire stories where there is no bad guys?
I keep coming across overly sensitive weepy vampires that have no guts. No guts at all. That's no fun. Who the freal wants to read a book or watch a movie where the entire thing is filled with good guys?
It would be like watching an episode of wrestling that was all Faces. No fun and no strength.

Follow me.

Good, now I just watched the film "Thirst" yesterday and blah blahed about it over here.
It had its moments where there was actually a vampire who you could say was the big bad. No remorse no weeping. Course it played out way too much like the characters in Interview with the Vampire - Claudia and Louis- hell there is even a scene where they dump a dude in the river.
So sad that I have seen that before.

I'm trying to stomach reading one of those Sookie Stackhouse novels, that the show TrueBlood was based on, you know what, I don't think I'll finish it. Another sad state of things. There is no one "likable" or I should say, no really strong characters that you want to get behind. Everyone so far in this thing has been a good guy. Even the villain is just "misunderstood."

God I frealing hate that.

Maybe that's another reason I like wrestling. When a Heel is a Heel he's a Heel you know. Why do you think Randy Orton is as big as he is? He's one of the greatest Heels to have come around in a few decades.
This is one of the reasons I have got such a thing for Sheamus, that and I really like the vamp look he's got going. But that's a series I'm doing on my other blog

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