Saturday, December 12, 2009

Condom Art. What?

Back few years ago, I got a phone call from Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq. She was stoned out of her mind and laughing like a wild boar. I made the mistake of asking her what was so funny.
"The condoms are slippery and the needle keeps ....owww... I keep sticking myself with the needle."

Um what?
She was a fashion designer and after having been drinking for hours, she got the brilliant idea she wanted to make a dress out of condoms. Okay my advice was a large pot of coffee and to put the sewing kit away.

Then we got thinking a few days later when she was sober-ish, about a photography project we were working on. We had decided to add the odd placed condom to a series of pictures we were doing. Was interesting to see how the meaning of a simple photo of a guitar subtly changed by adding a condom instead of a guitar pick. Or a vampire book surrounded by condoms the same colour as the book.

That's what it was like everyday hanging out with Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq. Life was unpredictable and I always laughed out loud. Some friendships don't last a long time, but they leave a massive impression on your lifetime.

So what got me thinking about this today? I was going through an old scrapbook looking for a few photos that I might be able to use for cover art for my full length novel and came across an entire scrapbook from the years she was in my life. VLHE is 11 years younger then me, and went from being a fashion designer to being an actor and a mom. Our lives took very different roads in the last 3 years. Very very different. She's the closest I can say I had to having a best friend.
Where is she now? You know that's a good question.

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