Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Only Chris Sabin?

I used screen capture for this post

I got asked by my niece the other day
"But Gibby, why do you only want an interview with that one wrestler Chris Sabin and not an interview with Alex Shelley. When you say Alex Shelley is your idea of the sexiest man alive and total perfection? Wouldn't you be like dying to meet him and talk to him? And they are a tag team, so wouldn't you want to meet them both?"
Oh my, what a question. Well, the answer is simple, I like Alex Shelley too much to be able to handle interviewing him. I'm not professional enough a reporter and would be a total mess. I mean man, he's Dionysus in human form, my idea of the ultimate temptation. So really, it's always better to go with a safe bet. And Chris Sabin is a safe bet. Sad but true.
Not that it seems I'll ever be granted an interview. I've been talking about Mr. Sabin now for how long, and he's yet to reply.

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