Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh Gibby I can't take you anywhere

We went to see Sherlock Holmes. I loved it. Little long, last ten minutes I thought my bladder would explode.
Could have used more Jude Law. So the afternoon when sort of like this....

2:45p.m. Erin arrives with giggling teenagers in van. And I make comment about being under Make Uped. Erin points out she's not wearing any and her hair is flat. I say the girls are. Erin replies, they are 14 they have nothing better to do then waste time doing hair and make up.
255p.m. Niece informs us it is 2:55p.m. and that we will be late where upon Erin says it does not start till 3:20
2:57p.m. We arrive at cinema and stand in line for tickets. While standing in line, Niece is trying to prove she is not freezing her tush off by having her winter coat off.
2:59p.m. Niece has winter coat around shoulders like preppy school teacher while she plays with the fur trim of her mother's winter coat telling it to purr. Myself, Erin and the Face are laughing so loud the people around us are giving us dirty looks.
3:05p.m. We are standing in line for snacks. Niece has coat off shoulders but on backwards so that her front is covered but her tush is still visible for all the young teenaged boys to look at.
3:12p.m. We scramble to find four seats together as cinema is packed.
3:25p.m. We four are giggling like wild animals agreeing we have to see other films that are being previewed.
3:30p.m. We ssssshhhhh movie has started. Erin is drooling over Robert Downey Jr. while I drool over Jude Law.
5:40p.m. I am now frozen. Credits roll and I am first to jump up for Ladie's Room.
6:10p.m. Blogging.

I really wish I had of had the camera. My Niece is as tall as her mother. That would be 5 foot 10. Let me remind you she is 14 and still growing. It was good getting to see Erin as she works so much we only get to hang out twice a year. Pathetic I know. But she has a husband, 3 kids and a full time job, a house, and 6 pets. We've been friends now scraping 31 years. Yes damn it we're old.
They don't act like parent and child, they act like sisters or best friends. I kind of envy that.

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