Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec 8 : Story Time

I don't talk about my family too often on here. I mean, yeah I bitch about my mom or sister but, I don't talk about my family. It's been 24 years since Thomas died. Hard to keep things straight now it's been so long.
I remember he played the accordion. Yeah, you read right, the accordion. Do people outside of Newfoundland even still consider that an instrument? Not sure.
He made wooden furniture and toys. Someone told me that he'd been in construction too at one point, and of course he had been a fisherman/lobsterman when he'd lived in Newfoundland still. The woodworking was after he came to the mainland.
He told the best stories. And heaven forbid you got between him and the tv when Search for Tomorrow was on. I know eh? He got hooked on that soap opera cause it was the only thing on at lunch time other then the news. He's the guy who got me hooked on wrestling.
He used to make these wooden toy boats. Well, not really toys as much as show pieces. Always green and red with a black trim. Never thought to ask why it was always the same boat. So that's what I remember of my Grandfather, on the 24th anniversary of his death.

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