Saturday, December 12, 2009

And I'm cute too

So the MRI was today. I am not one for fits of claustrophobia, this this today had me ready to hit the panic button. Literally.
They put me in this grid mask thingie then shoved me into a tube that looked like a cross between a tanning bed and an oven. Which I suppose is the same thing.
Then they told me to keep my eyes open, putting down this little rear view mirror thingie which reflected nothing but my knees. Yeah, nice eh?
So you're lying in this thing unable to move with ear plugs in and the whole thing starts to shake and make noise that sounds like a machine gun going off in rapid concession. And my appointment was for 3pm, but they told me to be there for 230pm. Um dude, if you want me there for 230 then wouldn't that mean my appointment is really for 230 and not 3pm ?
Doctor's always like to confuse people.
So now the hard part, the waiting. They said it could be up to a month before I get the results. Great, just what I needed, more time to think about the whole thing and freak out some more.

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