Sunday, July 15, 2007

From the bottom of my coffee cup

I went for coffee today with an old friend from highschool. I hadn't seen him in 15 years. We bumped into each other on the internet about a year ago, and today since we both had a day off decided to get together.
I don't know how I am feeling about it. He was bored! I could tell by his tone of voice, and his extreme lack of talking. I ended up staring into the emptiness of my takeaway cup the whole time, and watching the staff at the coffeeshop mop floors. Shame too, I went into things this afternoon thinking "cool someone in town to hang with." cause most of my friends have moved out of the city. But, when he dropped me off, I told him to call me at some point in the future, and he replied by saying "I will just blog if I want company"
I know neither of us are the same people we were in high school, people who stay the same never grow and learn. But this just felt like things were forced on his end.
I should have known when right off the bat I said let's go to Starbucks and he shivered. We ended up at a Tim Horton's. Cheap but good. The coffee I mean.

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