Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Like the Wolfman having a Bad Hair Day

Yes it was one of those days today.
  • power out for our city block
  • bank was closed
  • got to Starbucks and my bank card was denied
The really cute guy who works at my Starbucks gave me the coffee though for free. Part because I am there every day, part because it was already made before the card was denied.

Rented this cool movie last night. A Simple Curve. Made for tv/movie channel Canadian film. About a guy who works with his dad, and still lives at home because his mom died. And the group of people who seem to just appear in his life one day which causes him to think about everything. Nice quiet film. Kris Lemche (from Ginger Snaps, Twitch City, Emily of New Moon, Guide to being a Rock Star, etc) is one of my favourite actors, Canadian too! I just don't understand why he isn't a bigger star then he is? He has been on the Canadian scene now for years, even seen him in a few American things (always tiny roles like an extra) and the background for this film is just beautiful! A must see if you are looking for a respectful movie.

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