Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City part 2.5

Am I allowed to be jealous?
My sister who does not want to be married, or live with anyone, seems to be throwing men away. I don't get it? Every guy she had been involved with in the last six years have wanted to commit to a solid relationship and she has not. It's almost like she gets bored once she gets what she wants. I can't even get a date and she has them falling at her feet waiting in line to be with her.
Like now, she has this great guy who is her "Aidan" and she's acting like Carrie did on the tv show, afraid of it. I have this feeling she is only with him still to prove our mother wrong.
I hope she proves me wrong. Meanwhile, her "Mr.Big" is back and forth still, eventhough he has a girlfriend (the one he left my sister for) messing with her emotions. Meanwhile, the last man to ask me out stood me up, twice. I just don't get it?
Are we doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again, or is it a case of careful what we wish for?

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