Sunday, July 8, 2007

Muse Me

I. Have. Writer's. Block!

In the middle of the first draft of a new story and can't find a sentence.
In the middle of second draft of another story and can't figure out how to flesh out one character.
But yet I have no trouble coming in here and blah blah blahhing. Why?
Is it because I know no one reads this? Is it because it's just relaxing on the web? Don't know. Do know that when I sit down infront of this machine to work I come up empty. Nothing seems to inspire me as of late. I even did the dishes! The dishes as a break from the block. That's how I know it's a bad block.
It's too hot in this city to go out even for coffee, so stuck here, trying not to sweat as I try to think of some way to battle the block.

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