Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Great Canadian Hunt

Once upon a time (ten years ago) two sisters decided to watch SCTV. That caused them to want a Great White North CD. Thus the first Great Canadian Hunt for the SCTV cd started. On the course of that day, these two sisters went to every record store in town, and finally found a copy. They also bought togues, and mittens too for the hell of it. A few weeks later, the girls wanted a book they heard about. The second Great Canadian Hunt took place, sending them to every book store in town until they found what they were looking for. And a third when they wanted Bagels. Now "many many lifetimes later" the older of the sisters is wanting a DVD. Having called Blockbuster as always to get a price, she was told they did not order any of the Monster Squad 20th anniversary edition. Crap! This means having to sludge her way all over the city looking for it. And since HMV never answers their phones in this city, it means having to sludge around town on one of the muggiest days of the summer.
The moral of this tale...Monster Squad 20th Anniversary Edition was released today on DVD .

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