Friday, July 6, 2007

Today I was the stinky person on the bus...

I picked a bad day to wear black. And a sweater too. It hit 38'c today here with a humidex of 41'c. And of course I had a lot of running around today. By the time I stopped by my sister's around 3pm, it was time to just die. Just too hot! And I still had to get to the postoffice to pick up a package I had waiting there for me. Got to my mom's around 530pm, watched the vampire documentary I had set the vcr for, watched Smackdown and had dinner. Was all set to stay the night again, I just couldn't. there is just something weird about my mom's apartment. I can not pin point it but it makes me feel on edge. We are in for more thunderstorms in the next few days, just hope it cools things off around here.
Got my 2008 Witches Datebook today. It wasn't what I had hoped. I like my dayplanners to have a full page per day, this one is split up with one page per week. Not enough room to write appointments or notes really. I see alot of sticky notes being used with that dayplanner.

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