Thursday, July 5, 2007


Thunderstorms all day. And of course I got caught in it. I had to go to my mom's to get the mail, water the plants and such while she's out of town. So I picked up a pizza and a movie and was all set to stay the night. But, as I said, I got caught in the rain, and everything in my bag got soaked. My poor Tarots! I had to lay them all out each one to dry and so they wouldn't stick together. Then because of yesterday's power out, I had to spend time fixing the clocks and vcr.
The movie I rented was My SuperExGirlfriend. and it was not so super, it sucked actually.
After my rain soaked pizza, I sat down and watched TNA IMPACT. Lovely! (I don't have cable, so some tv was nice) And it stopped raining. Finally after the last three days of nothing but rain, it stopped. So if I managed to set the timer proper on the vcr, then I should have a vampire documentary tomorrow to watch when I go back to her place to watch Smackdown. When I saw it was no longer raining, I collected up my tarots and grabbed the last bus home.
But not only that, the house my mom rents the basement of just felt off. There is just alot of bad vibes coming from that house. I don't know if its because of my aunt who lives upstairs or the people who used to rent that place before my mom? Either way, I really didn't want to spend the night in that house.

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