Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Morning

It's been raining since last night.
It's Thanksgiving Day and raining. How more cliched in this city can you get? Every year rain on Thanksgiving and snow on Hallowe'en.
I have been hanging out on this website for the last few months and at first it was cool. Now, it's all about ratings. One person decided to give me a favourite rate, then took it away a few days later, then two days ago it was back, then this morning gone again. I wish they would just make up their minds already! I joined the particular website because of it's library, not for it's popularity contest, but can't have one on their without the other. It just seems to me that life has turned into one large popularity contest. and we all feed it even now, I am proudly displaying my D-List blog status on all my blogs so I am just as guilty as the rest. I just don't get evil about it. It's just hard to watch something you believe in get drowned in crap.
Like I said I joined their site for their database not their games.
9am EST and I haven't even had a coffee yet.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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