Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Moodrings

I have new neighbours. I hope they don't stay. Or maybe I do? Since they moved in on Friday, the landlord moved out. The landlord's daughter still lives in the building which means so does her 5 year old holy terror. BUT, that five year old has not had one of his tantrums since the new neighbours moved in. MMMM...and with new people in the building they should finally get off their collective asses and get the washer repaired. It's only be broken since last Feb.
You read right. The washer has been broken for 9months. That's harsh.

I got a whole paragraph written over the weekend! WHOOOAA! One whole paragraph on the first draft of the one story I am writing. I wrote a novel about ten years ago about witches. I loved that story. It was very easy to write too, only took me 3 months total. So one afternoon after pinching the bridge of my nose to the point of seeing stars from lack of being inspired, I asked myself when was the last time my work have me hope? The answer was the story I wrote about the witches. So I set to work writing another one. Set in the same place different characters. It's been a full year and I still haven't gotten more then 50 pages done. It's hopeless! I feel useless.
Even Ninja told me "to go back to what you do best" last year when I was in the worst part of the writers block; "go back to the vampires, witches, werewolves and all that jazz".
Let's see if I can get one more paragraph done today....right after I get coffee.

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