Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the I want to Strangle

Here is me at the SL Newspaper Meeting and me at another Social Gathering in a Winter Wonderland.

Okay so this is my week in Second Life.....
-Decided to rent some more land to create a Garden
-Was dragged all over SL to events and groups
-Went to a few parties with my editors
-Had to ban crazy neighbours from my land cause of noise
-Got invited to a few fashion shows
-Got dragged into an interview that never happened.

I also joined the Second Life Profiles. So now I am on yet another myspace/facebook style place this one just for SL. It's been a busy week, managed to get my two articles a week done for the sl newspaper, and a start on this week's batch. The Garden was a project I was wanting to do for awhile just didnt have the chance before, the theme is Blood and Roses. Little bit of Jane Austen little bit of Dracula.

Also Joined a very elite new club. Yes it is sad but true, I have more of a life in Second Life then I do in real life.

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