Saturday, December 1, 2007

Imapct Review of the Week

Review for Nov. 29 2007

Wasn't sure I was going to do one this week but here we go.....

Scott Hall made it 4weeks in a row in ICP! gear. (two different shirts as one segment was taped for last week's show)

Robert Roode is finally getting the push he deserves. I have stated it before that I am not a fan of Booker T, but that is just the talent needed to pit against Roode. Robert Roode is a strong talent that can make anyone look good wither heel or face he knows what he is doing at all times in that ring. Booker T is a "superstar" in the business (eventhough he was only used in the other company as midcard for the last year) so this adds some extra weight to the push of Roode right now. And can't help but notice they pulled back alot on the #1Fan storyline while he was in his match with Booker T. I think that was a good idea to be honest. We all know it was Booker T's "match" ;giving a push to the #1Fan story would just not been right at this time.

What is going on with the beer drinking? I am lost on that one. Why of all things would you promote drinking in such a way? Yes, I get that they want to set up a reason for them to have a few matches, but really drinking? Here is my view on that (and I will say this slow for the drinkers who might not catch me) you are pitting a Canadian vs American in a beer drinking contest of watered down American beer. Of course the Canadian will win. Yes well all knew the bottle to the head was coming, but didn't think that they would film all the blood so hungerly. My Loonie is on Eric Young for this feud .

And the MotorCityMachineGuns! have upped Team3D once again, this time with Twinkies. Yes you heard right, they stuffed and smeared twinkies all over Bubby-Ra and Devon. I hope the X-Division comes out on top for this one.

Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle is all good but still too much in the mindgames. I am a big fan of Cage and would like to see him back ontop. This storyline is still in the mix and needs to uptempo.

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