Friday, November 30, 2007

Looking at Life from the bottom of a Coffee Cup

Just working on a header for my coffee blog My Cup Is Empty

I know my headers kinda suck because I don't have a proper photoshop type program . So I went hunting for one, and nothing seems to be all that great really. At lest I haven't found one that I like and can easily use. This was taken with Photo Booth. I like Photo Booth.
I have to do something, as I am going insane.
It is winter here, and I am stuck inside more often then not, and we still haven't heard a thing in regards to Ninja's health issues. The doctors ran another batch of tests this week, but she won't get the results for another week or so. Mom is hoping that if Ninja does need surgery, it will be before the holiday or after and not during. Hard to say with doctors.
Speaking of Ninja, it is MonkeyBoy's (her boyfriend) birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday

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