Saturday, November 3, 2007

End Status of the Status Bag

It seems official, the IT Bag is over.
Or is it?
The item known as the It Bag has come under some heavy controversy as of late. With prices that cost as much as monthly rent in a major city, many people just don't want to have that kind of money put out on something they will only use for two months.
Many women, like myself, will go for lower end knock-offs (oppss sorry the Domestic End of the Design) for a mire $275-$500 ($150 if we wait an extra month) which has just as much detail, just made with more "common" materials.
I know that I would rather be "So two seasons ago" and have a really great bag that will hold up to daily use then to spend a months rent on something I will be ashamed to admit I owned. (animal shaped, over gadget covered etc)
And in a time when everyone has at lest two status bags in their collection, what is that really saying?

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