Friday, November 23, 2007

Lost Little Girl

It's a Friday afternoon, and once again, I have nothing planned for tonight. Just seems the older I get, the less of a life I seem to have. Spent most of Wednesday afternoon going through my kitchen and throwing out all my chipped and broken dishes. Whhoooaa fun. There's a party for ya.
I know it is a job that needs to be done when you are in the process of moving from one Province to another, but the whole moving thing, is taking more time and a lot more energy then I ever thought. Things keep popping up to steer me off course. Now I am back to the beginning as to which city. First it was St. John's but things went wrong, then it was Edmonton but things went wrong, then Kelowna but things have gone terribly wrong, now it looks like it is once again Edmonton. I wish things would straighten out enough to get the city pinpointed. Then we can tackle the troubles from there.
And with the holidays in full swing, depression hits hard. I just dont know if I can handle another season of holidays (xmas, new years, valentine's ) alone. Everyone around me is happily snuggled into their coupledom and I once again seem to be singleton. Add to that almost homeless and it sucks to be me.

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