Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TNA Reviews

Oh I am pissed now!

I got asked for a group I am in to write an article on the show Impact. Okay, I did. Only when the group notices went out, I didn't get one. I checked the list, and sure enough, there was my article with the name on it being the guy who asked me to write it not mine. And it was word for word. Members of another group I am in that has nothing to do with the first one (a Tna wrestling fans group in Second Life) told me to let this guy know that he cant get away with it. I did, then created my own fans group using my own article as the first group notice So here is a copy of my article.

Tna Review for Nov 8 2007
"Hey Yo!"
It was the sound heard across the globe as non other then Scott Hall entered the buidling (in a very wicked ICP shirt fresh from JCW) To address the rumors of him being Sting's tag partner. Can the reformation of the Outsiders be far behind? I for one hope that the NWO come back stronger (or for that matter the newly formed JWO "Juggalo World Order" spilling into Impact)
But my interest right now lays within another tag team, Motor City Machine Guns! I am very glad to see that Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin have been allowed to bring their independent tag team into the six-sided ring.
What are they doing with their superstars? I get that they need a major talent as heel, but Team3D are boring at the moment. They need to bring back some form of Team Canada. And out of nowhere we have a Women's Division. About time and good to see Gail Kim as the first ever Knock Out Champ, but why set up the overlapping fights with so many of the Knock Outs? Pick one and build on it for a few months, then add the others one or two at a time. They saved up all their members of the women's division and just seemed to dump them together not knowing what they were doing with them. Its confussing, and not at all of interest.

So that is what the fuss is about. And since I started it, I am thinking that I will try my best to have a recap after each week.....
Sit tight, I will cover last weeks show later.

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