Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Canada worth more

We have been saying for years that the Canadian dollar coin would once again be worth one dollar. Infact it has topped it sitting right now at a $1.10 in worth.
What does this mean?
Well, some are saying that we can't keep on the rise, that it will cost us too much internationally in the end while others are saying that it is the best thing for us.
The trades agreement that Canada has world wide is in a panic. Suddenly the US dollar isn't worth it as much as the Canadian. Could another crash be on its way? Not just for the speedy little coin that is rolling it's way up the rim to win, but for the American market as well?
Fingers are being pointed saying that we have planted a seed that has spoiled the grounds, but can't we just see what really takes root?
I say it's about time our little Loonie had a chance to shine.

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