Friday, May 7, 2010

What do you mean I cant' watch that video in Canada

Let's start from the beginning.   and I am so going to get my ass kicked from my sister on this but who the freal cares Eh?
Picture it.... 1997, and I'm stranded on my mother's sofa with a broken leg for 8 months.  This was round one of surgery on my ankles.  Anyway,  my sister,  who is 8 years younger then I am, was going through some personal dren at that time.  This was also the time the Backstreet Boys released their first cd in Canada and France.  Ninja became obsessed with the BSB.   (that would be me getting my ass kicked right about now)
Now, I was a die hard metal head so any kind of fluffy pop music made me want to vomit. And I held on to that idea for a very long time.  Well, one night there's me trapped in the living room and my sister stretched out infront of the tv watching Backstreet Boys.  I found myself humming along.  I became hooked.  I admit it, fell head over crutches for Kevin of the Backstreet Boys, which worked out nicely as all my sister's friends seemed to have a thing for the other members and their little group was Kevin-fan-less.
It became the one thing other then Wicca that my sister and I bonded over at that time in life.
Well, she's long since dropped both, but I have not.

I have been reading Eat Pray Love this past week, finding myself wanting to listen to songs from about a decade ago which fits in the timeframe of the book.  And went on a mad search for one video by Nick Carter,  "Do I Have To Cry For You"  which is one of my all time favourite slow songs. Yes I'm a total weeping puppy when it comes to romantic mushy stuff.  So here's me searching the internet cause I want to watch this video from 2002, and I keep getting  "Sony Music has removed that video as it is no longer available in your Country".

Um what? Pardon me?  What do you mean I cant' watch it?  It's a music video.   It took some finding, but I did find one on the official Sony Music youtube.  I love this song it's so sappy.  I love this video cause the acting is so bad.  And well it's Nick.

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