Thursday, May 6, 2010

And The Winner is By CountOut

Or Hail Sabin Volume 5

I used screen capture for this post

It's a question I need to ask myself  "why do I try to see who you all want to see more of on here when Chris Sabin wins everytime?"
It was a small voting population, but Mr. Sabin won the poll for this years "This Blog's Sexiest Man (wrestler) Alive"  proving once again, that nobody comes here for me, they only come here to read about Mr. Sabin.   I don't blame you actually, as he's much prettier then I am.

So you know what this means Eh?   It means I have to think of something new to nag him lovingly about other then his hair so that there is something to chat about in regards to him.
I'll think of something.  I will.  But as always, remember the rule,  it can only be something that happens on Impact. NOTHING PERSONAL! Only allowed to nag about stuff from the show- which is why hair and wardrobe are totally fine to nag about.   

With that said, I'll be back Backstreet.

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