Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well I am traditional

I've never considered myself conservative.  But I've always considered myself traditional.

I believe in marriage.  I also believe there is nothing wrong with living together.  I know contradicting myself a little.  

You've heard me say that I do not approve of the situation my sister is in.  She started up with a married man who has four kids.  It's made the last 2 years of the relationship between my sister and me pretty much non-existent.  
They moved in together this last week.  He's left his wife completely and now really started a proper life with my sister. 

They were over here for a few minutes the last few days bringing me empty boxes and a coffee table. The little bit of "hi how you doing today"  is the most I've talked to this man in 2 years.  I am not sure I will ever be completely comfortable with him, but I also know I need to start if I ever want to get back the bit of relationship with my sister as it looks like he's going to be hanging around.  This is one of the longest relationships my sister has ever had so....

Here's the thing. She was happy!  She was over here yesterday bringing me the empty boxes and she was just glowing she was so happy.  In the 28 years that Ninja has been on this planet I have never seen her happy.  I've seen her hyper but never happy to the core of her being happy. 
Maybe she found her ONE.

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