Saturday, July 12, 2008

When stand up guys aren't so standup

I made plans middle of the week with a buddy from school who I haven't seen in ages. Everything went well, we talked for an hour on the phone joking with each other and there were moments when he said things that put ideas in my head.
I actually was starting to really look forward to seeing him. I was all dressed and ready to go meet up with him when he canceled. He had a fairly reasonable excuse not to met me; but still it seemed alittle ....rehearsed.
That was middle of the week, here it is Saturday night and I haven't heard anything else from him.
So when do you know if that "stand up guy" is really the real deal or just standing you up?
Did I read his tone wrong the night we made plans, or did he change his mind? Did he think I had more devious intentions then he thought and got repulsed?
Talk about being confused; I was rejected by someone who I am not even sure I am sexually attracted to, and I feel like I have just had my last request infront of the death squad denied.

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