Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tartini : The SATC review

Over $56.8 Million dollars opening weekend, ($25 million opening night) which tells you that people want more.
And the heads of HBO answered with this movie tie in book, hardcover. It covers the film, some behind the scenes stuff, and is just absolutely fabulous. It is a spoiler if you haven't seen the film yet so buy it after you watch.

Ninja and I went Sunday to the matinee , she took her sunglasses ;I took my black Chapters Book Tote with 3 packs of tissue. Yes, I knew crying would be involved, thank goddess we were not the only ones in the cinema with our eye make-up down to our shoes. There wasn't any room infront of the bathroom mirrors in the ladies room after the film as the entire cinema piled into the ladies room to fix their eyes. I left the building going "wait! The scene with Standford and Anthony, when did that storyline happen?"
The movie itself didn't start till after -brace yourself- the 25mintues of promos and previews. We heard about all the product placements, but until you are sitting in the cinema waiting for it to start, you don't realize how much products actually went into this film.
We ended up going to the mall for lunch and wouldn't you know it, every single store that sells women's clothes is carrying the trademark pink in their lines this year. Funny, I was at the mall last week and not a dash of pink to be found. Is that timing or what?
Yes I will be running out to buy the DVD release of this film when it comes out, and no I will not have pudding in my Prada.

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