Friday, June 27, 2008

And; and what?

AAAaaaaannnnnnnaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnn! {loud high pitched scream here for as long as you can hold your breath}
Having one of those "Mad Gerald" moments {Rik Mayall's character in The Black Adder Season 1 Episode 6}
Yeah, feeling like running around with my hair a mess in dirty ragged clothes unshowered laughing and wailing like a seal on steroids.
But cheer up, it's Rik Mayall day. {okay not really by any legal or cultural standards that I am aware of, just watching old episodes of Bottom, Black Adder and The Young Ones}
It's been raining here most of the week, all dark and overly humid. Dripping dripping dripping.
Did you notice that as the series for Black Adder progressed the character of Bladrick got stupider and stupider? I noticed that.

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