Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mad Directors, Coffins andMidget Vampires Oh my!

I went vampire movie shopping the other day picking up 30 Days of Night,
Shadow of the Vampire, Cure of the Vampires , Ankle Biters.
Now I put in the film Ankle Biters not having even heard of it before (yes we already know I am crazy stupid sometimes for buying movies before seeing them) and am only about 20 minutes into it feeling the need to blog about it.
Why not wait till I am done the film? What would be the fun in that?
It's an independent film (as in low/no budget) done for the sake of telling a story not for the sake of making stars. I love films like that! Good or Bad doesn't matter. What matters is the desire to create.
So far this has some pretty good one liners.

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