Monday, January 19, 2009

And Blood Stained Sheets

So I am reading Heroine Diaries the biography of Nikki Sixx, and I get to a chapter with a the date Sept 1987 and I ask myself what was I doing at that point in my life.
I was in 8th Grade, but only spent 3 weeks in school. One week into the school year I had fallen and broken my leg. I spent 8 of the 9 months that school year at home with a Tutor because of a broken leg. While the man who's book I am reading was living a fantastical life, I was laying in bed at home falling alseep to the Girls Girls Girls tape and reading Rock Star by Jackie Collins, wishing I could be more then I was.
I had returned to school to finish off the last two weeks in class. At that point I didn't believe I could ever be the person I had been at the beginning of that school year.
So here I am 22 years later, remembering things that where so far away because of a song lyric. Makes you wonder what really does become the soundtracks to your life.

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