Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top 10 Hotties

As seen through my eyes. And just why you are asking am I doing something like this? It came out of a conversation I had with ....or should say was kind of having...with some other women about who we thought were really hot older actors. Given that most of the 'huh' other women were under the age of 22, older for them ended up equaling my age -sad but true- needless to say I could identify less then half of who they were gushing about. So here is my personal taste in famous and kinda famous men I think should be on this list.
And if you are paying attention, yes there is a theme here.......

10. Stone Cold Steve Austen

9. Shaggy 2 Dope from the Insane Clown Posse

8. TNA's Hernandez {member of Tag Team LAX}

7. WWE's Kane

6. Hunter S. Thompson {the writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas}

5. David Draiman from Distrubed

4. Evan Handler {Harry on Sex and the City}

3. Stanley Tucci {as seen in Devil Wears Prada}

2. Johnny Depp {as Hunter S. Thompson/Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas}

1. Vin Diesel

Yes it's no secret that I have a major thing for bald men! Why? Well, it's a bold bold brave move for a man to go for the chrome and indeed very sexy. Because sexy is more then just a good body. Having the confidence to be true to yourself is the sexist thing a man can do. For those of us who are just a little bit of a Charlotte York {SATC} we know a great man when we see him.

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