Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have We Gone Past Good Taste?

I am a fan of horror. Let me rephrase that, I am a fan of good horror.
Vertigo, Rear Window, Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street 1, Hellraiser 1, Carrie, Secret Window. But what I have been witness to this last week on some of the discussion boards have nothing to do with horror. Everyone wants just death and ass.
One person said if you want mindless bloodshed watch the news, if you want sex watch a porno. Well I have to agree with them. We watch horror films not just for the high amount of bodies but for the characters. What is more frightening watching someone running through the woods screaming for 2hours or watching how someone slowly begins to doubt reality?
Madness to me has always been creeper then some dude with a hockey mask. There is a reason H.P. Lovecraft is considered the master of horror. He planted the seeds of doubt and panic into all his main characters hinting at something more sinister and darker then we could understand. And he did not need to hide his monsters behind sports gear.
Bram Stoker delighted audiences and made them faint with baited breath when he wrote Dracula over a hundred years ago with the idea of temptation of the soul. Mary Shelley handed the world the beginning of the end when she wrote Frankenstein almost 200 years ago; delivering mortality vs morality.
When did temptation and ego become the gunk we today are clogging our minds with?
I am on another site where the owners are having some troubles with the hosting company. Why? Because they were told to clean up their site. Too much sex too much death. The one owner is trying to locate a place that will let her post uncensored porn and gore. What she isn't understanding is that she's not going to find that on a free hosting site. Nice person but total posterchild for the desensitized generation-sheep I am talking about.
The world is truly a gutter and everyone is just playing in the sewers. Have we become as mindless as the zombies on our screens ;simple sheep , is there a chance for us as a society to free ourselves from this dumbass- watered down -so called demon thrall? Or have we as genre fans gone past good taste because no one is serving us anything but regurgitated slock?

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