Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons I Love TNA Impact

I used the screen captures again for this post.

10- The Ring. Six sided and something that creates a unique show. Not just the look of the ring, but what the wrestlers can do to utilize it.

9- Eric Young. He's brilliant, talented, and the only one I have seen who has been able to play out any theme given. From shy and innocent to baddest of the bad asses.

8- The Tag Team Division. I have always been a fan of tag teams, and this is the first time in close to 20 years where I have seen more then just one good tag team. And the fact they are promoting this is news worthy

7- The Broadcast Team. Humour is always something that is needed to get through the dull and overly routine that is interviewing the same few people every day. The Impact Reporters are not afraid to get dirty.

6-The return of Raven. A legend.

5- The wrestling. Do I have to go into detail on this? I love the fact they actually still wrestle and not just over flow with chatter and chairs. The gimmicks are kept to a low and the value is high.

4- Beer Money Inc. This was a gimmick I did not think would last one week but glad to see I was proved wrong. They are a solid force in the Tag Team Division and it's always good to see Roode on air.

3- The X-Division. I used to love watching the smaller guys fly around on other shows years ago, and the X-Division is that and more. There is just something about watching a match where the wrestlers are skilled, quick, and solid. I still count the first match on the first episode of Impact between Sabin/Shelley/Williams as my favourite Impact match.

2- The Turkey Bowl. Admit it, you love that idea. And it lets you in on the secret of who is going to be pushed in the coming year into the spotlight. So lets see who is next for the X-Division belt.

1-MotorCityMachine Guns! The most talented tag team right now, infact I have not seen such a fluid team in about 20 years on tv. Both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were fabulous as single wrestlers and together they are magic. The two hottest thing in a ring and the two sexiest men alive. I loved their promos few years ago when they were up against Backland, and what Shelley did in the comdey promos with Nash and the other X-Division members. Smart, funny, talented, sexy. Now if we could just do something about Sabin's hair.

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